Traditional Therapy and Counseling

My therapeutic approach is based on 6 years of education and 19 years working in the field. I use my experience, knowledge and valid research when treating and guiding clients – not my personal opinion or pop-psychology.  I believe in giving the best possible care, so I personally stay up to date with current psychology research and information so I can be a solid resource for my clients.

I provide genuine care to clients by actively listening and being present with them and their situation. I plan every session so each appointment is as effective as possible for my clients. 

Where relevant, I recommend other trusted mind/body medical and/or alternative practitioners to my clients to further facilitate their progress, understanding and wellness. I do not have a financial relationship with these practitioners.

My goal for you to take what you learn from working with me and use it in real life. It’s about you getting the life you want, with happiness, as efficiently as possible.

Additional Information

Secure video sessions are available for some clients. 

Sessions last one hour. 

Additional materials and an app are provided for coaching clients. (view that page)

I work with individuals and couples. I do not see clients under 16 years old.  

I do speak with potential clients 10 to 15 minutes before scheduling to make sure I am the right person to assist you. If not, I am happy to provide you with an excellent referral. 

*When I am full I can also refer, or add you to a wait list.

I provide invoices you can submit to insurance depending on your provider. 

*Coaching and my app are not covered by insurance. 

Payment is due at the time of session.