With support and compassion, I will provide you with a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space, where we can work together to help you learn, heal and eliminate obstacles. You can reach your goals, and full potential.

I earned my BA in psychology with honors from Marymount at Fordham University in 1995 and my Masters from Columbia University, New York City in 1999.  I learn something new every day.

Over the past 19 years I have worked in the field of Psychology in many settings and helped over 5000 clients. I have experience successfully treating :Relationship Problems, Unresolved Past, Coping, Anxiety, Sadness, Stress, Self-Worth & Confidence, Life Transitions and Decisions, Divorce, Food and Body Image Issues, Anger Issues, Self Exploration, & Creating Positive Life Changes Inside and Out. 

My passion is to use all my experience and evidence based research to bring individuals to their full potential. 

When appropriate, I also provide Goal Solution Coaching. It is an intensive system designed to remove obstacles from a otherwise healthy person and connect them to their best self and goals. (visit that page).

Please call with any questions. All calls are confidential. I am also happy to provide referrals if there is another practitioner better suited to meet your needs.

When Beneficial REFERRALS and COLLABORATIONS Made With :

Naturopaths, Psychiatrist, Acupuncturist, Substance Abuse Experts, Other Therapist, Yoga and Bodywork Practitioners, Nutritionist, and Peer Counselors. I do not have a financial relationship with any of these practitioners.