Some kind words from former clients...

“Rachel helped me more in 8 sessions than my last therapist helped me in two years. She is extremely intelligent and well educated and compassionate. She is also ethical and not trying to keep you in therapy forever.”

Previous client – Aspen, Colorado

“Rachel is honest, kind hearted and extremely knowledgeable. She creates a safe, trustworthy environment, where I feel free to say everything I need to say. She also guides me towards my goals we have worked on together. I have made strides personally and professionally as a result of what I have learned from working with Rachel. My relationships have also really improved and become stronger. I know Rachel genuinely wants the best for me.”

Previous client - Snowmass Village, Colorado

“When I called Rachel the first time, she insisted on making sure we were a good fit before she took on my treatment. Right off the bat, it was obvious that Rachel provides principled, evidence-based care. I have always felt completely safe with her. She is honest, compassionate and empathetic. I always look forward to our weekly appointments and I always leave our sessions feeling stronger and more empowered. My relationships have become so much healthier and more meaningful. Rachel has helped me to establish healthy boundaries and she’s taught me to trust myself. I have seen dramatic changes in myself with her help!” 

Previous client - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"Rachel helped me immensely! She is the best therapist by far that I have ever seen. She helped me change my life around completely in a very safe and supportive manner. I learned a tremendous amount and am now living a life beyond what I had previously imagined was possible."

Previous client - Aspen, Colorado

"For me, finding a therapist who's a good "fit" is key when looking to move forward in life. Rachel is brilliant--not an understatement--but is, maybe more importantly, both passionate and compassionate. I can not express how deeply felt her commitment to working with me personally has been. She's been such a strong source of guidance and encouragement, and I can say that Rachel authentically wants to help people grow. After a while, working through issues becomes a self-discovery, and that's a shift I couldn't have made alone."

Previous client - Aspen, Colorado