Goal Solution Coaching

What is Goal Solution Coaching?

     GSC's consist of immersive consistent exercises, practices, a personalized app, and weekly sessions.    

     GSC is best if you have "go to" habits that you want to change. When you need new strategies, motivation, or skills to reach goals, or improve relationships GSC is very effective. Its focus is making positive lasting changes that create a better and more successful life. 

     To read my PsyCentral article  "Coaching vs Psychotherapy", or to see a free sample GSC exercise, or to answer some coaching intake questions... just visit those pages.

     Package One: Typically consist of four weekly thirty minute exercises, followed by brief daily access to your coach, plus your weekly session. The information sent is tailored to each clients' specific needs and goals at the time. This package last for twelves weeks (approximately 50 Hours total of your time invested).

    Package Two: Like the above and last for six weeks. (approximately 25 hours total of your time invested).

    Package Three: is meant for more targeted goals such as better boundaries, or improving a career. This package consist of eight sessions and eight exercises. (approximately 12 hours total of your time invested invested)

     GSC Single Sessions are available. If you wish to continue after your first session and purchase a package, the cost of your first session will be deducted from the cost of your package.

    GSC packages include your own customized app. Visit the "My App" page.

    Contact us or visit the "Coaching Questions" page to see if GSC coaching is right for you